About eOffice

eOffice launched in Kerala Secretariat on 5th March 2014.eOffice Services have been extended to different Secretariat Departments, Collectorates and Directorates and the efficiency in file processing also improved a lot. eOffice is a web application enabling the Government to automate the entire work flow of file processing starting from Tapal creation, File Creation, File processing and issuing orders from the file. Citizen will get the information regarding File Status, Search View facility for published Government orders through this website.


Please click on the Register image for Registration and Submission of e-Applications to any Government Department.

File/Tapal Search

This option is using to track Files/Receipts in Kerala Secretariat, District Collectorates, Directorates and Commissionerates.

GO List

GO List is an important component of the eOffice. This can be seen by the government orders for the week that have been used and the proclamation period. To see and search for government orders click GO List button.

GO Search

eOffice ensures transparency in Government by publishing all documents of Public Interest in the Citizen Interface once the decision has been taken in the file.Government Orders can be searched and viewed through Citizen Interface of eOffice.

E-Application Status

An important Facility in eOffice Citizen Portal is the option for knowing the current status of the e-Application.